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All information for going to the event as a team should be here, tell us if something is missing

Be notified


If you want to receive information about the contest, they just have to send a mail to :
Join us on Discord too:



Go to the contest page or Eurobot website for all rules (English or French).

Follow the forum about the rules:
Question can be asked in French or English. Even if the discussion is in french, the final answer will be in both languages.

Swiss Rules specialities

  • The finals are a Double Elimination Tournament including 8 teams, it allows to have a real ranking
  • The contest is open to foreign teams
  • For the finals, a maximum of two foreign teams will be taken
  • The three first Swiss will receive a cup and are selected for Eurobot, they need to be eligible according to Eurobot rules (members has to have less then 30 years, a supervisor is allowed)
  • The best foreign team will receive a cup as the Guest Champion


You can provide a video but it's not mandatory. If you provide it, we will broadcast it on our YouTube channel and during the event between rounds. You can give the video during the event or before.

Lodging around Yverdon-les-Bains


Teams has to reserve their own lodging, here are solutions. If you need help, you can contact us.

Don't hesitate to contact for questions.



Food will be available during the event at least for Friday and Saturday midday. The school is a bit outside of the city, it is a bit less convenient to go by foot on shops.