Start a robotic team !

The contest


Eurobot is an international robotic contest held each year around May in Europe. SwissEurobot is the Swiss contest that will select the 3 teams representing Switzerland.

Two teams compete on a table of 3x2m for 90 seconds with one or two robots. Robots are autonomous so you need to program them before and use sensors to earn as much points as possible.

How to start a team


Eurobot contest is accessible to all levels. The rules are designed to have easy actions for beginners and advanced actions for experimented teams. So, it’s easy to start with simple and reliable robots.

This is best to start with at least three motivated people. It is good to have a bit of experience in mechanics, programming, and electronics. Don't worry if you don't know everything, you will learn a lot by doing it. This is possible to find a lot of information on Internet. Robotic teams are very open to share what they do, and there are forums to ask questions.

This is possible to start with a small budget depending on the technology you use. You don't need to build the whole table for starting. It’s possible to ask some industries for sponsoring, mostly for material like sensors, motors, batteries…