Host SwissEurobot

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SwissEurobot is a national contest so we would like to organize the contest in various location in Switzerland.



LOC: Local organizer             RC: Robot-CH


RC is organizing the event in Yverdon-les-Bains every two years (next contest in 2022). We are looking for organizers for years 2023, 2025, ...

We need to organize the event about two weeks before Feast of the Ascension (this is the first potential date for Eurobot). LOC can propose dates, two consecutive days (usually Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday).

What Robot-CH provides



  1. Team registration
  2. Team communication
  3. Full match management
  4. Live web results
  5. Overlay for video projection or live stream


  1. Referees for the matches (4 to 6 people) (at least one received the official training Eurobot)
  2. 2 staff for logistic (web)
  3. Transportation for this crew


  1. Pay Eurobot fees
  2. Pay 750 CHF for each qualified teams for Eurobot (3 teams)
What is requested to the local organizer


Match tables

(This part is under construction and may change, feel free to contact RC)

  1. Manufacture two tables for the matches
  2. Provide all playing elements
  3. Have place for or provide one or two training tables for all teams (which can be less perfect)


  1. Pits
    Provide space for 16 to 20 teams with tables/chairs for 8 people (Sample)
  2. Stable Wi-Fi with Internet for organization and teams
  3. Beamer and screen
  4. Loudspeaker and two microphones
  5. Video capture
  6. Livestreaming (RC can manage this if you provide the video on HDMI)
  7. Space for spectators


  1. One or two speakers (your language + English) (it may be hard for only one speaker)
  2. Dedicated for the event:
    1. Two for setting up/cleaning the match tables
    2. Two for getting the teams for the matches
  3. Any staff you find useful to manage the event
  4. You can optionally propose referees (they should know the contest already)
  5. A photograph (optionally)


You are welcome to provide or manage accommodation. The minimum requested is to give to teams a list of cheap locations around the event.


Provide a place with affordable price to eat for all teams and volunteers. Public should also be able to eat.


  1. Cup contest (1x Golden Champion, 1x Silver Champion, 1x Bronze Champion, 1x Guest Champion)


All elements listed as requested to the local organizer is under it's cost.

Robot-CH request a single fee of 5000 CHF for all provided services